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Children for a Better World – Early Childhood Education Project in Pariaman, Sumatra (2009-2013)

AMURT Indonesia decided to focus on early childhood in Pariaman following the 2009 West Sumatra Earthquake because there was no planning or budget for this important sector.

AMURT constructed 24 and rehabilitated 14 Early Childhood Education buildings

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Over the next two years, we built 24 ECD school buildings, rehabilitated 14, mostly with sponsorship from children charity Kindernothilfe of Germany.

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Educational materials, toys, furniture and playground equipment for 100 schools.

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AMURT also provided educational materials, toys, furniture & playground equipment to 100 schools, sponsored by Kindernothilfe and others.

Teachers for a Better World Program

To get children for a better world, you need teachers for a better world.  AMURT soon decided to focus on teacher training. Picture34

Teachers for a Better World

AMURT designed an Early Childhood Teacher Training System that is effective, empowering, economical, rapid and duplicable to meet the needs of less developed countries where teachers are untrained and not highly educated, and a significant percentage of children do not attend early childhood learning centres. Picture36 Picture35

The 2 major components of AMURT’s effective and duplicable teacher training system are the Cluster School System and the Lesson Activity Manual.

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In the AMURT Cluster School System there are 3 to 6 schools per cluster.  Training flows from trainer to cluster leaders, cluster leaders to cluster member teachers, and teachers to students.

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The Weekly Cluster Meeting is critical to the system’s success.  Here, cluster leaders transfer new knowledge and skills learnt at ToT workshops, and all teachers learn to use the Lesson Activity Manual to make the weekly lesson plan and work together to prepare educational materials for the following week.

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Our participatory approach to developing the Lesson Activity Manual is effective & empowering

Teachers for a Better World produce Children for a Better World

Within a relatively short time, teachers are able to conduct classes according to planned lesson activities based on the  Indonesian National Early Childhood Education and Development (ECED) Currciculum.

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When children are engaged, happy and active, disruptive behaviour is greatly reduced and learning conditions are enhanced.

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AMURT Indonesia – Children for a Better World Project, 2009-2013


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