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SERVICE TOURISM – Pariaman, Indonesia




AMURT Indonesia’s intervention in this area just outside Padang, Indonesia began in October 2009, following the 30 September 2009 West Sumatra Earthquake.  The decision to focus on Early Childhood Development (ECD) was made because the authorities had neither budget nor plans for this sector.  Thus began AMURT Indoneia’sChildren for a Better World and Building a Better World projects in Pariaman Town and Padang PariamanDistrict.

From October 2009 through July 2012, AMURT’s intervention in Pariaman included the following achievements which benefited up to 2,000 children and 200 teachers from 100 ECD schools:

  • Construction of 24 new and rehabilitation of 14 ECD school buildings;
  • Provision of furniture and playground equipment for 38 ECD schools;
  • Provision of educational materials, toys and 6,400 books to 100 ECD schools with 2,000 children;
  • Implementation of family-based programs to educate parents, particularly mothers, on good parenting skills; and
  • Provision of teacher training for more than 200 teachers from 100 ECD schools


AMURT/EL Malaysia decided to visit our sister AMURT Indonesia’s project in Pariaman from 26-30 Nov 2010 in order to support them with the painting and gardening work in two of the newly constructed school buildings.

Picture34 Picture32 Picture33

The first school was PAUD Cempaka in Taluk, Kota Pariamanwhere we planted saplings and decorated the garden.

Picture36 Picture35

Picture37 Picture38 Picture39

We also did some indoor decorative work.


But painting the outside walls – that was the real thing!

Picture41 Picture42

Fortunately we had renowned Malaysian artist Teh Yew Kiang as our very own artistic director …

… and a talented and enthusiastic team to work on the job


… and have a good time too!

Picture44 Picture45

The result is just beautiful!


Picture47 Picture48

No doubt all that exertion called for a nap after lunch


But it was all so much fun too!


For the frontage, artist Teh Yew Kiang starts with quick freehand sketching on the wall itself



Our creative artist’s tree refuses to stay in the box


And our dedicated team refuses to stop work during a downpour, working through the rain, with or without an umbrella



For everyone, the inspiring result was worth all the effort!


The second school was PAUD Mawar at Lareh Nan Panjang village



Our city kids took the opporunity to check out the padi fields

Picture61 Picture62

Then it was time to enjoy the special vegetarian lunch the villagers had cooked for us


Right after lunch, our hardworking team wasted no time in getting down to work immediately


Once again artist, Teh Yew Kiang wowed everyone with his amazing illustrations


For all of us, our trip to AMURT Indonesia’s Pariaman project was an experience to remember!
And we cannot wait for our next service-tourism holiday!

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