New Teachers’ Room for SJKT Ladang Sg Tinggi [en]


Empowering children for a better world through support for mother-tongue education

Pedagogical experts tell us that little children learn best through mother-tongue education.  AMURT Malaysia’s ‘Children for a Better World’ program seeks to empower less-privileged Malaysian children through providing a sound foundation at  primary-school level.  At the same time, we also appreciate the need to prepare these children to thrive in a multi-racial country and an IT-dominated world of accelerating change.  Thus we believe in combining support for mother-tongue education at the primary school level with attention to Bahasa Malaysia and English. Besides academic activities, AMURT Malaysia recognizes that children learn best through play and that it is important to mix exam-oriented workshops with fun, creative and stimulating activities to stretch the body, mind and spirit of young people.  We therefore aim to also provide extra-curricular activities like Yoga for Kids, environmental camps, art, dance, sports and other activities.

A new Teachers’ Room and more for SJK(T) Ladang Sungai Tinggi, Bestari Jaya, Selangor



Sisters Yuvaneswary, 7, Thurkashini, 12 & Nanthini, 10, are 2nd generation students at SJKT LadangSgTinggi, Selangor


Sisters Yuvaneswary, 7, Thurkashini, 12, & Nanthini, 10 are 2nd generation students at SJKT Ladang Sg Tinggi.  Their father, mother, aunts and uncles all  also studied at this school in an oil palm plantation in Bestari Jaya, Selangor.  Father Murugan is a plumber at the estate palm oil mill.  His brothers & his mother all worked at the estate too.  But Murugan hopes his children  will leave the estate and do better than him– have a bigger house and big cars.  Thurkashini & Nanthini want to be teachers, Yuvaneswary wants to be a policewoman – they have not been exposed to other possibilities.

With access to computer education and the internet, a new world of ideas and opportunities are opened to the children of SJKT Ladang Sg Tinggi. They are examples of the target beneficiaries of AMURT Malaysia’s Children for a Better World Education Program – that they may grow up to be the best that they can be, that they may contribute to a Better World for all.

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Yuvaneswary and her friends enjoy their computer lessons in their new computer lab


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Thanks to sponsorship from Mothercare Malaysia, AMURT Malaysia was able to give SJKT Ladang Sg Tinggi, Selangor a new Teachers’ Room, 2 laptops and a printer.


 AMURT Malaysia worked with Mr. SundramRamasamy, the dynamic president of the school’s Parent Teacher Association to construct a new teachers’ room for SJKT Ladang Sg Tinggiin record time. The old Teachers’ Room had been converted into a computer lab to make way for the introduction of computer education.


A big thank you to AMURT Malaysia and Mothercare Malaysia from the children of SJKT Ladang Sg Tinggi, Selangor


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