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Charity clinic for India’s poorest achieves significant success in Cerebral Palsy Rehab program (see video below)

Abha Seva Sadan Multitherapy Charitable Health Centre (ASSMCHC)
Bokaro, Jharkhand, India

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India - village program

Our project is located in the state of Jharkhand in Northeastern India. This is the poorest and most neglected part of the country. The rural population lives in primitive conditions which have hardly improved in the last century. Approximately 70% of the villagers are illiterate. The few schools that exist are of very poor standard. Around 90% of the villagers suffer from chronic malnutrition and infectious diseases. The nearest hospital is over 20 km away, which is too far as well as unaffordable for the villagers.

Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Program

India - mother with child  India - CP boy

With a customized therapy program combining acupuncture, physiotherapy and specialized techniques and exercises for treating disabled children, the normally incurable condition of many of the children can improve quickly and radically. Many of these children cannot walk, stand or even sit on their own when they are first brought to the clinic. After several weeks or months of treatment, they can often start walking on their own, sometimes for the first time in their life. This highly successful program can presently only be offered once a week due to lack of staff and financial resources.

Case Study: Successful treatment for Uttam

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Uttam before treatment

Before treatment : Uttam at first arrival on 20 June 2010

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Uttam Case Study Notes:

Uttam Orang was 3 years old when he first came on 20 Jun 2010.
He was not able to walk or stand straight and his vision was highly impaired. This condition had existed since birth.
After only 5 treatments until 4 Oct 2010 he was able to walk and his eyesight had improved greatly.
After another 4 treatments until 22 Nov 2010 he was able to run easily.
After another 13 treatments until 1 Aug 2011 his movements were completely normalized and only the vision problem remained, which was already much improved.

Many Cerebral Palsy children undergoing treatment at AASMCHC have shown outstanding results

India - acupuncture for CP   India - physio for CP boy

India - CP exercises w. parents

Holistic health care for the poor

India - allopathy  India - acupuncture for adults

No single discipline of healing is appropriate for all persons and all ailments. The health centre offers treatment in acupuncture, homeopathy, allopathy (Western medicine) and physiotherapy.

This holistic approach of combining conventional and alternative treatments allows the therapists to provide the most suitable care for each patient, offered at a nominal charge or for free.


Education in nutrition and hygiene

Health education is as important as medical care in raising the living standard of the rural population. Being ignorant about basic hygiene and nutrition, the villagers are caught in a vicious cycle of ignorance and disease. Regular educational programs in nutrition and hygiene are held in order to help them to prevent as well as overcome their diseases.

India - well cleaning

Water hygiene programs in the villages

Water hygiene programs in the villages help to reduce the frequency of malaria, worm infections and other waterborne diseases. The villagers have very little knowledge of hygiene and use contaminated water from puddles, ponds and dirty wells. They are shown how to disinfect their wells cheaply and easily using bleaching powder. Diluted phenyl is sprayed into stagnant water areas to destroy breeding mosquitoes, parasites and bacteria.

India - village program

Other service programs

Other service programs include mobile medical camps in more distant villages and free eye testing programs followed by eye-glass distribution and sponsored cataract operations. In the winter, blanket distribution programs are held, and children’s programs are held several times each year.

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