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Help Vinojan Stay in School

 Vinojan in class
Vinojan (furthest back in photo above) tops his class in Mathematics, but he is under pressure to quit school and find a job so that his three younger sisters can have an education

K. Vinojan
scores 98% on his monthly Math tests – a good sign that he will do well in the upcoming SSAT exam he hopes to take later this year. Vinojan’s ambition is to be an accountant. But he keeps wondering if he should drop out of school and take a job to help his family.

Vinojan’s family came to Malaysia in 2013 as refugees from Sri Lanka – his father, mother, three younger sisters and himself. His father managed to get a job with a moving company. The family is thankful that he is employed, but Mr. K is in poor health following the civil war in Sri Lanka. Bomb shrapnels that are still lodged in his legs make carrying heaving things particularly hard on him. Said Vinojan, “I don’t know how long he can last like this. Maybe if I get a job and make some money, he can work less and that might help.”

Well-meaning adults advise him to stay in school so that he can have better prospects for the future and help his family more that way. “I try to focus on my studies,” said Vinojan. “But whenever I think about my family situation, I feel very disturbed.”

 How much does it take to keep Vinojan in school?

Monthly   RM
School fees (4 children)   160
Transport fare (4 children)   400
Lunch (prepared @ home)   380
Materials, misc.     60
Monthly Total 1,000


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