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AMURT Indonesia – Aceh

Aceh Tsunami Relief  (2205-2007) – for more click here…

Aceh Operations

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Emergency Phase

In Indonesia, AMURT’s operations started after the horific Asian Tsunami of 26 Dec 2004 in which the official estimate is that 225,000 persons lost their life in Aceh alone.  AMURT Indonesia entered Aceh Town on 31 Dec 2014.  The immediate work at hand was the distribution of food and basic goods, and operating Child Friendly Spaces. AMURT also helped in the removal of bodies.


Generating Income through Sewing Project

Bringing Sewing Machines to the Aceh Barracks was part of AMURT’s income-generation project.





Elementary School Complex for Special Children

AMURT Aceh’s housing and school construction projects included a spectacular boarding school complex for special children.

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‘Window to the World’ Computer Education Program


The ‘Window to the World” program brought computer education to these junior high school students to help equip them with the tools for a better future.


Agricultural Projects

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AN organic farming project in Meulaboh and agricultural livelihood project in outlying islands Pulau Breueh and Pulau Nasi aim to encourage residents to return home and rebuild for a better future.

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