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Helping refugee children through educational empowerment

Service-Tourism Program – family holidays with a difference for Malaysian city kids

Children for a Better World Education Program

Event - Ananda Bliss

Funds raised from the performance will empower children through: supporting mother-tongue education for young Malaysian children through motivation camps, exam seminars, intensive coaching for weak students, etc; supporting internationally-recognized exam progams (SSAT and GED) for refugee children in refugee learning centres; stimulating & creative activities for body, mind & spirit (soccer camp, kids’ art camp, yoga for kids, dance, etc).

Helping refugee children through educational empowerment

AMURT Malaysia aims to empower refugee communities through educational support. Starting with tuition subsidies and computer-based English and Maths learning kits, AMURT now focuses on helping STROM (Srilankan Tamil Refugee Organisation of Malaysia) prepare their students to take the internationally-recognized SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) and GED (General Education Diploma) exams. We see this as a pilot project aimed at helping all refugee children in Malaysia and around the world to upgrade their standard of education and thus their prospects for a better tomorrow.

Empowering children for a better world through support for mother-tongue education

Pedagogical experts tell us that little children learn best through mother-tongue education. AMURT Malaysia’s Children for a Better World program seeks to empower less-privileged Malaysian children through providing a sound foundation at primary-school level.

Service-Tourism – family holidays with a difference for Malaysian city kids

AMURT’s service-tourism holidays aim to expose fortunate Malaysian kids to the struggles of less-privileged folks in less-developed countries, and to give them a taste of the joy of service. To date, we have organized service-tourism holidays to Pariaman, Indonesia (2010) and Sangklapuri, Thailand (2012). Our next trip will be to beautiful Aurora, Philippines in June 2015.